Why do I value  professional learning  ? Because great teachers are constant learners.

Why do I value professional learning ?
Because great teachers are constant learners.

Fiona Wiebusch

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Fiona is now based in Brisbane at the Institute of Continuing and TESOL Education at the University of Queensland, where she works as the Senior Teacher - Teacher Training. Over the last 21 years, Fiona has strived to achieve excellence in supporting learners and teachers in TESOL and fulfilled various roles in teaching and education management. She has gained valuable experience living and working abroad for extended periods in New Zealand, Japan, and Vietnam, and has facilitated academic development programs with universities and Ministries of Education in Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam and Chile. Fiona is also a budding researcher. While her publications to date reflect her interests in curriculum design and social media in the classroom her doctoral research centres on the professional  learning of teachers in Australian transnational university language centres. In her leisure time, Fiona enjoys playing the ukulele in the ICTE-UQ Chorus and exploring Queensland's stunning coast or local farmer's markets on her Vespa.



PhD Linguistics candidate (Macquarie)
Train the Trainer Certificate (Cambridge) 
MA Applied Linguistics TESOL (Melb)
Professional Practice TESOL (Melb)
Diploma of Education (Melb
Grad Dip Educational Psychology (Monash)
Bachelor of Arts - Psychology (Deakin)


Facebook page curator - TESOL Teacher Talks
Committee Member - TESOL Talks Vietnam
Committee Member - Raise Your Voice Choir Festival
Group Member - #AusELT


Travel photography, playing the ukulele, Vespa scooters.



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